Wedding Hats: The Choices

Published: 26th March 2012
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You're invited to a wedding and that's great and exciting. But what to wear and how to make sure it all matches both with your tastes and those of the bride? It's a tricky subject but one that can be tackled with fun and enthusiasm. After all what's better than choosing and buying clothes especially for such a joyous occasion. There's lots of resources to help and plenty of people to guide you both in shops and on-line. Let's take a look at the choices, including colours, styles, fabrics and fittings.

Colour matching is a fascinating area. You need to decide how to coordinate the shades and hues of your own complexion, your hair colouring and the colours that you prefer to wear. Perhaps more importantly you'll need to coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids depending on the role you're playing. If you are the mother of the bride, for instance, this is even more relevant.

One of the important issues regarding colour choices is getting the matching right between the various items of your outfit. It's unlikely that you'll be able to get everything from the one supplier that matches (and cost may come into this too). In a retail outlet it will be easier to identify matches but the choice may well be limited. On-line retailers have far more choice, but can you be confident of the colour representation on websites? However, in the latter case, you do have the protection of distance selling regulations so you can return the hat and get full refund if the colour isn't suitable.

Another factor to take into account with colour matching is whether to wear the same colour throughout or to contrast colours. Contrasting can be very effective and make an impact. However, if your role determines that you have to coordinate with others the opportunity may not exist or the impact may be too great!

Onto the matter of hat styles and designs. All sorts of factors come into play here: your height, face shape, hair style and whether you want something elaborate or fairly simple. If you are on the shorter side you are probably looking at a smaller hat; if taller you may be able to carry a larger creation. You may want to make a statement with a flamboyant design to fit in with your personality! In that case, the services of a milliner may be required. You'll need to allow enough time for the design and have slightly deeper pockets. On the other hand you may just want to blend in and wear something of a more subdued nature.

The season of the wedding may play a part in the design of your wedding hat and the fabric it's made of. The typical spring and summer wedding calls for a light and floral design. But a winter wedding may require more substantial headgear. When it come to design, you have to be guided to a certain extent by the nature of the wedding a hat suitable for Westminster Abbey may not be suitable for the Registry Office! The budget you have also plays an important part needless to say.

When it comes to hat fitting it's important to get your head measurement right. The average hat size is around 22 and a half inches. Most wedding hats are made to this measurement although some are larger. Fortunately hat fitting can be adjusted in a number of ways: by the position on the head, by the use of hat tape for hats that are slightly too large and by using hat pins to secure the hat. Fitting in a shop should be straight forward. Getting the right fit from on-line stores may be a bit more difficult but a good website will provide a sizing for all their hats, so if you know your size this should not be an obstacle.

There are lots of choices when it comes to wedding hat selection: colour match/contrast, styles and fabrics, the design that suits you and your pocket, and getting the right fit. All these choices make for a fascinating opportunity to use your flair and ingenuity. With a bit of guile and thought added in your ultimate choice will prevail and you'll be the delight of the wedding.

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